Cross Stitching Update: I’ve Been Busy

It appears that my most recent update on my cross-stitching projects was a couple months ago. It doesn’t feel like very long ago that I made that post, but a lot has being going on, and my hands have been busy.

First things first: I had mentioned that I was working on a gift for my Uncle Pat’s birthday. Here’s the final product, held by my uncle with pride!


Another birthday card I made in April was for my BFF, Josey:


This is a bookmark that I made for a coworker’s birthday:

Two of my coworkers got married (not to each other) so I made each of them a romantic bird card:


I was commissioned to create this decorative pincushion for somebody’s mother on Mother’s Day:

I decided to do something new and stitched on this wooden box. I think I’ll stick to fabric.


This is what I made for my own mother for Mother’s Day:


I made some buttons for Autism Acceptance and Pride:


I made this one a couple days ago for my coworker’s birthday:


And here are my active Works In Progress (W.I.P.):

These photos were taken today. However, I have made considerable progress on the angel’s frill in the hours since taking this picture.

This was an unnecessarily long post due to not updating frequently enough. I’ll make it my goal to post about cross stitching, and my other SIs, on a weekly basis.

Until next time,


Diligent Cross Stitching

As much as I try to stay organized, like most things in my life, all my cross stitching stuff is in a state of disarray. Bit by bit, I am trying to get it all sorted out to the point that I have a steady inventory of all cross stitching necessities, an organized archive of patterns, a time sheet to keep track of how much time I spend on each project, and a cross stitching planner in which I keep track of the half dozen projects I usually got going at one time. This blog post will serve as a reference point for me in accomplishing all that.

Also, I got chewed out this weekend by my aunt and cousin for not stitching my signature on what are now family heirlooms. So I guess I gotta start practicing my… stignature.

Here are a few bullet points on how to be a diligent cross stitcher.


  • several hoops of different sizes
  • at least one skein of every color of DMC thread, and I check inventory and re-up every six months
  • several types of fabric: important stock are 14-ct white/black aida and a couple 28-ct evenweaves
  • a small cross-stitching supply pouch in various locations (home, work, travel) that contains scissors, needles, tape measure, fine-point sharpie, anti-fraying stuff, and the plastic thread holder things
  • keep track of all my inventory


  • have a calendar for events, occasions, birthdays, etc.
  • start cards a couple weeks in advance of the event
  • start bigger gifts a month or two in advance of the event
  • keep a list of projects I want to complete within the next year
  • replace threads in my traveling thread holder every week according to finished and new projects


  • spend a couple hours on a couple different projects a day
  • turn on a timer while I’m working
  • keep track of time spent on each project in a notebook
  • take progress pictures of bigger projects every week
  • get all my materials together every month for upcoming projects

Hopefully, doing these things will help me be more efficient and finish more projects. I should try to start all these things right away. I’ll post updates on how it’s going.

For now, enjoy my newly finished needlebook.


Cross Stitch

One of my special interests is cross stitching. If you’re wondering what makes something a special interest as opposed to a regular interest, it’s the intensity with which many autistic people engage with their interests. Another word I’ve used to describe my special interests is obsession. We want to know everything about our special interests. We want to talk to people about it, although frequently end up annoying them. For me at least, my special interests tend to become incorporated into my identity. I’m “that girl who’s obsessed with Freddie Mercury.” I’m “whale girl.” (Those were mostly just in high school.) At least with cross stitching, people seem to be interested in what I do.

As with any other special interest, I want to collect anything that has to do with it, and will meticulously organize that collection. In cross stitch terms, that means owning a billion cross stitch magazines, making sure my DMC thread inventory is complete (I need to re-up on a few right now), and having a Google Drive that stores all my favorite past, present and future projects that no human could ever complete in a lifetime. But I like to dream.

I’m usually working on several projects at once. I have a few abandoned projects that I started a few years ago and will get around to finishing eventually. I have many partly-finished projects that still need to be pillowfied or framed or whatever.

My active projects tend to include: a big, major project that will take several months to a year and is intended to be a special gift for a special someone, a medium-sized project for my own pleasure that I will use to decorate my own space, and a small one that takes from a few hours to a couple weeks that I give as gifts. I kinda switch it up every few days to stay interested.

The big project I’m working on is a Celtic Angel for my grandma. Every once in a while I show her my progress. I started it in early December 2017, and first revealed its progress to her on Christmas. I don’t know how long I expecting to take to finish it, but it was intended as a belated Christmas gift. Maybe by her birthday in November.


My personal project is this soon-to-be pillow with a fox pattern.


I’m working on something else for my Uncle Pat’s birthday, but I’ll post a photo after it’s been gifted.

As I mentioned earlier, people tend to be interested in this special interest. And as I mentioned in another post, I don’t really speak about things I’m passionate about until someone else expresses interest. I’ve learned from past experiences that it can be annoying. However, when people see me working on a cross stitch project, they often want to know more. “How long have you been working on that?” “You must have a lot of patience.” “When did you start cross stitching?” “How much time do you spend on it?”

As for my responses: “Oh, I started it on [x date].” “I guess so. It just relaxes me.” “I did some as a kid, but then I picked it up again a few years ago.” “I like working on it during Netflix binges or just whenever it seems appropriate.” I often add, “I’m making it as a gift for X.” “I’m also working on a couple other things.”

If I was an adolescent with poor impulse control as I indeed once was, I’d go overboard by showing them the million other projects I want to do, and listing every project I’ve done in the past four years (and there have been many).

So that’s an introduction to what is currently my primary special interest. If anyone reading this is interested in knowing more, feel free to contact me. Also, allow me to share my Cross Stitch Google Drive, which is pictures of the projects that I have available, frequently updated. On your requests, I could upload PDFs containing patterns that you might want to do yourself.